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Over 17 years experience & extensive knowledge having been Dealership Trained at BMW, MERCEDES BENZ & PORSCHE. We only use the latest state of the art diagnostic equipment allowing us to support over 60 different vehicle manufacturers. We are Open, Honest, Trustworthy & Ethical, as we feel a strong need to continuously improve our knowledge & skills so that we can look after you & your vehicle. No matter New or Old, Exotic or Conventional we guarantee an Elite quality service at a price you can afford.

We believe that Communication is vital in helping to build relationships with our customers & we will not perform any repairs unless approved by you first. We only use OEM products that will not void your vehicle’s warranty, we do not compromise on quality & will only perform the service & repair requirements needed. Rest assured knowing that the Technician working on your vehicle is the same person you will communicate with from the time you drop off and pick up your vehicle. This helps to eliminate all confusion or misunderstanding that can occur due to the disconnect between different departments, like you might find at a dealership. We may specialize in European vehicles, but we perform Service & Repairs to all makes & models.
Diagnostic Specialist with all the latest equipment capable of Coding & Programming to Dealer standard.
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Robert Ricci – Owner/Director

Most recently, I was a Workshop Manager & Technician of a BMW workshop in the nearby area for the past 6 years.

I completed my apprenticeship with Mazda & was involved with V8 supercars for 2 consecutive years through the MTA (Motor Trade Association) I then moved on to BMW, Mercedes Benz & Porsche Dealerships only to end up back at a BMW independent workshop as Workshop Manager & Technician.

Experienced Workshop Manager & Technician with a demonstrated history of working in the Automotive industry. Skilled in Customer Service/Satisfaction, Automotive Repair, On-board Diagnostics, and Workshop Leadership. It is our upmost importance to succeed in building and maintaining professional relationships with our customers and suppliers.